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Czech chamber company "Prague chamber trio" (hereinafter referred to as PCT) arose in 2004 and continued in activities of the same name company of the second half of 60's of 20th century (M. Etlík – clarinet, M. Sádlo – cello and F. Rauch – piano) and also the activities of company Musici Bohemiense which was founded by Robert Pacourek in the half of 90's of 20th century. Basic instrumental cast of this chamber company is the trio of instruments clarinet, cello and piano, where clarinet replaces the violin part from classical piano trio.


After some personal changes the composition of PCT was stabilized into present cast Robert Pacourek - clarinet and art manager of company, Tomáš Strašil – cello and Michal Rezek – piano.


The PCT interprets the music mainly of 18th and 19th century (the piano trios of L. v. Beethoven and J Brahms).


During its artistic activities the PCT has its regular concerts in Prague but also in another regions of Czech Republic. It has realized the recording of Beethoven's Trio op. 11 for Czech Radio and has performed in its individual concert within the prestigious international musical festival "Czech touches of music" in December 2011.


                                                     Translation Ivana Kolínská